Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Hotel Torre San Simón offers its guests a wonderful experience through diverse, multi-sensory stimuli: auditory, olfactory, kinetic and visual. This attraction is based on the Neuro-Linguistic Programme to encourage a profound sense of well-being and relaxation in guests. We are the first boutique hotel in Colombia to offer this innovative technology, which generates alpha waves in the brain. These waves enable you to sleep well.

Vibrating platform: activates your energy levels, relaxes your body, helps to tone muscles, burns calories, oxygenates the blood and your cells.
Choose from 6 natural sounds, which generate diverse states of internal peace and harmony, helping you to sleep and revitalising you in the morning.
MP3 player with guided meditation from the Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP), enabling you to experience expanded states of awareness while you synchronise your two brain hemispheres.
Videos that have been scientifically developed. Through beautiful, peaceful images they produce alpha waves that will help to reduce stress.